From Caterpillar to

Painted Lady Butterfly

Next Shipment May 2015

Order butterfly larvae and experience the metamorphosis first hand!

The caterpillars are about 1 week old when they arrive in their containers with all the food they will need.  They grow so rapidly over the next week or two that the children will see the difference from one day to the next, and may even witness the moment a caterpillar becomes a chrysalis.

24 hours after ALL of the caterpillars have formed into chrysalides, move them into into a netted enclosure (the ones we have for sale are pictured on the left), ready for emerging as a butterfly approximately 7 to 10 days later. 


From caterpillar to butterfly takes about 3 weeks. 

Butterflies need to be released outdoors on a warm dry day, at least one hour before sunset.